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We were born to be unique. We we’re built to make a change!

My story like many others comes from a harsh background of being misunderstood every time I spoke or only had an opinion. My speech decreased by the mistreatment and feedback I’d receive from others at a young age, loved ones the only people I was close to once upon a time I was very quiet and kept to myself at that point. But by doing that it’s done so much for me, the time I had to myself to think about my future and what I wanted for myself was never in vein.

After being discovered by this beautiful community of woman after leaving my home i couldn’t have ever felt so belonged to a group of people anywhere else like I know I am here. Being accepted and pushed to get to where I want to be from a day to day basis I want this for others not only that left family situations like I have but young adults out there and mothers that feel stuck and that there’s no way out.

Because let me tell you… there is a will there’s a way! And this is one of those ways! I wouldn’t have accepted something like this unless I was 100% sure okay and safe. But sometimes security for a lifestyle you want is accepting to take risks sometimes and being uncomfortable to grow! If you know your capable of taking a risk like everyone else can and being uncomfortable to grow to the beyond then this is for you my love 🌻

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