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I’ve been in the constant hamster wheel of working a 9-5 since the age of 15.

Each time loosing passion, falling out of alignment and longing for something more purposeful for my life.Just a few months ago I found myself so burnt out, in a dark place and dreading a job I once loved. Within that heavy, dark place I decided enough was enough!! The power was within me to make the necessary changes. And that’s when I decided to face my fears and take the leap of faith. I chose to invest into myself and my grander vision. To invest into this opportunity so I get to quit my job and make choices from a place of freedom, expansion and excitement. To wake up each morning and decide what feels good and flow with each day. To follow my dream of more travel and checking destinations off my bucket list. To spoil my mom and give back to the community around me. To invest and create multiple streams of income for myself and future generations. And the list goes on and on… Most importantly I get to help YOU change your life and to help you step into your purpose. To quit your 9-5, travel more, pay off debt, live more sustainable, step into your personal power, heal yourself and others, make a positive impact on mother earth, and to bless and change hundreds of people’s lives!What’s your vision? Are you dreaming big enough?Are you ready to step out of your own way and make the changes in your life? Are you craving a life of more freedom? Are you wanting to live more sustainably? Do you want to help others do the same? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place babe!! Trust the alignment, our journeys haven’t crossed paths by accident. I’m SO excited to support you and help you create your dream life✨🌈🦋🧚🏼🌎

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