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From High School Drop Out to Affiliate Marketer...

I was a highschool drop out, never liked school or doing my homework because studying just wasn’t who I was. All I wanted to do was be outside doing sports or painting during art classes. Coming out of school I bounced around a few retail jobs, nothing made me feel worthy. Or special. That I was just another employee.

I wanted something MORE!I had my beautiful daughter Amelia 6 years ago now. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the first 5 years home with her. Bonding with her. Not having to stress over going back to work after only the first few months of her life. I want that for other mums. To show them there IS another way to make sure you can always be home with your babies. I just needed to find a way.

That’s when I found High Ticket affiliate marketing. Building your own personal brand by just being YOURSELF! And getting paid so generously for doing so..that is what ignited that spark inside of me. That spark I know we all have. That spark we’ve been searching for. Becoming a leader, travelling the world, showing my daughter how beautiful life can be..that’s what’s driving me to succeed.

Let me ignite that spark I know is inside of you again, and let’s do this together. Cait x

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