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The Freedom Formula


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I always knew I was made for more...

Five years ago as I was graduating high school, I honestly felt so lost at what I was supposed to do next.

I was planning on going into tens of thousands of dollars in debt to spend 4 years at University, just to get out with a degree and land a typical 9-5 that didn’t actually light me up or fulfill me. I thought that was what I was supposed to do, but something in me just wouldn’t let me.

I booked a ticket across the world and decided to start on a new adventure instead. Traveling, broke, around Southeast Asia, I made the decision to chase the life of my dreams, no matter what it took! Along the way I realized the Universe always had my back, bringing me to meet the right people and have the right opportunities fall in my lap.

That’s exactly how I started high ticket affiliate marketing.

It’s been almost 5 years living a life of complete freedom, not being bound by time or money, traveling the world, living the island life, working in ways that feel so good to me, making friends in different countries, creating a life full of memories, and creating an abundant income online while doing it all.

And this is what is possible for you, too. I didn’t have the money, the experience, the following, or anything else to create success – I just had the drive to make it happen. So tune in live, hear more of my journey that took me from a struggling traveler to a multiple six figure affiliate marketer + traveling the world full time.

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